Soccer Physics for iPhone

Soccer Physics

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You grit your teeth in concentration as you stare down the long expanse of green field, the white yard markings glaring in the sunlight. Your leg raises backward, and you curl your toes, getting ready for the kick. Suddenly, the goalie on the other end flips upside down and bounces toward you on his head.

No, this isn't another installment of the Paranormal Activity movies. This is Soccer Physics! Now players can have the time of their lives on their mobile devices as well as their computer. It's nonstop hilarity as you try in vain to control your players and defeat the other team in a game of football that defies the laws of physics and finds its place firmly in unreality.

Soccer Physics is well into the realm of impossibility and ludicrous antics, and players can now carry the frivolous fun with them in their pocket via their iPhones. It's also available for the iPad if you want to keep your screen large enough to see all the wackiness without squinting. Players must use either single-player or multiplayer modes to battle it out with two teams for the win. It isn't as easy as it seems, though. The game throws all kinds of craziness at you to make even the simple task of scoring a goal a feat fit for the Olympics.

Much like Minecraft, Soccer Physics uses an 8-bit style of graphics that gives the game a sort of novelty appearance and charm. The soundtrack is upbeat with lots of energy; it sounds a lot like the same instrumentation you'd hear in the old school Mariokart games, giving Soccer Physics an extra appeal to seasoned gamers who've experienced the full evolution of gaming. Players will find that the single-player mode is the best experience for their iOS device; multiplayer is just too crowded when using a mobile device, but there is a PC or Mac version available as well.

The controls are extremely touchy, and mastering them can be a challenge. All you really do in the end is control when your players bounce or jump. Once you get the timing right, it becomes a bit easier. The game has a series of random obstacles your players face, such as suddenly losing their heads or the soccer ball changing shape. Your players can get flipped upside down or can sail into the air and reach incredible heights. The whole thing is rather dumb, but it's what makes the game so delightful.

Overall, the mobile version of Soccer Physics is a bit more limited as far as multiplayer is concerned, but many players favor the single-player mode anyway. It's not that two-player isn't fun; there's just no room for it! The gameplay itself provides hours of entertainment with no promise of ever making sense, and that's just the way we like it. Sometimes, you just want to play a game that's stupid with no plot. Soccer Physics delivers this kind of gameplay, and we highly encourage anyone who hasn't tried it yet to download it now and give it a shot.